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Empowering Your Birth Journey: Saying YES to Your Voice in the Hospital

giving birth in a hospital

Pregnancy is a profound journey, and as you step into the hospital, the echo of decisions surrounds you. In Texas (where I live and work), paths are often pushed rather than guided and it's crucial to recognize your voice as a beacon in the hospital's sea of suggestions. Having a hospital birth can (and should) be just as empowering as any other birth; you just have to understand how to navigate through the complexities.

Navigating the Pressure: Your Right to Say NO

In the busy halls of hospitals, pregnant individuals often find themselves at the crossroads of decisions that carry weighty consequences. Texas, like many places, has its own rhythm, and sometimes that rhythm might not align with your personal wants or needs.

Let's be crystal clear: you have the right to say NO. No to procedures, interventions, or paths that don't resonate with your instincts or desires. Your journey is as unique as your fingerprint, and asserting your choices is not just a privilege; it's your right.

Questioning Authority: Your Right to Ask WHY

Doctors, with their expertise, offer guidance, but it's crucial to remember that consent is a conversation, not a monologue. You have the right to ask questions, seek clarification, and demand answers. The path of your pregnancy is a shared exploration, and you deserve to understand each turn and twist.

Don't hesitate to ask WHY. Why is this procedure recommended? What are the alternatives? Understanding the 'why' empowers you with knowledge, transforming your journey from a passive experience to an informed collaboration.

The Art of Waiting: Your Right to Time

In a world that often rushes, remember the art of waiting. Your body, your baby, your pace. Sometimes, it's okay to take a breath, to pause, and to wait. If a decision doesn't feel right or if you need a moment to process, you have the right to time.

Waiting is not a sign of indecision; it's a demonstration of your agency. Your comfort, your peace of mind, and your consent matter. You're not just a participant in this journey; you're its architect.

Your Advocacy Toolkit: Know Your Rights

As you move through the profound journey from pregnancy to parenthood, equip yourself with knowledge. Know your rights, understand the choices, and trust your instincts. You're not just an active participant; you are the leader of you birth team.

Your voice should be louder than anyone else's, especially in the birthing space. Saying NO is an assertion of your autonomy, asking WHY is an exercise of your intellect, and waiting is a celebration of your agency.

Your journey, your choices, your voice.

Micah is a doula, birth photographer, and yoga instructor based in Saginaw/Fort Worth, TX

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